We thank all those of you who indicated an interest in the recently concluded angel investor event that was held on the 21st of February 2015 at the Strathmore University.

The participants had a rare opportunity to listen to the experience of a startup, PesaPal, that gave an insight into the dangers of bringing in venture capitalists too early instead of angel investors. Mr. Agosta Liko walked us through his experience during three rounds of funding 2 of which almost sent him back to the serving hamburgers.

He also advised the founders of the startups that had pitched about the risk of premature scaling a subject he is very familiar with as he lived through it but fortunately survived.

Yaniv Gelnik who is an angel investor with experience in the USA and Israeli startup ecosystems where he has invested in a number of which some succeeded but many failed. He in addition has setup a number of startups that failed.

He took the participants through the template that his investment fund uses to evaluate a startup to ascertain if they would be interested in investing. This was followed by a hands on application with the evaluation of one of the startups.

The template was an eye opener as it provided a structured way to rate startups, he explained that the template is also used to monitor the startups they have invested in on a continuous basis. A copy of the template was made available to the participants for their use, at no cost.​