This Investor Guide covers the entire investment process from identifying businesses, evaluating opportunities, outlining the investment process – including valuing the company, negotiating terms, and Kenyan legal and tax considerations – and finally exiting the investment.

With its vibrant entrepreneurial culture and changing demographics, Kenya has attracted global attention from investors, private sector corporations and other entrepreneurs globally. This has earned it the “Silicon Savannah” tag. Kenya is now an investment destination for private equity, impact investing, and venture capital investors who are increasingly channelling capital into the country and across the region.

Kenyan entrepreneurs have already shown how disruptive technologies and business model innovation can be game changing. However, they need support to grow and scale.

Angel investing helps many entrepreneurs access the initial capital a business in its very earliest stages needs, as it grows from a concept to a revenue generating business, suitable for venture capital. It serves as the bridge between a start-up idea and scalable proposition.

Angel investors can offer financial support, networks and experience thereby helping startups to cross the “Valley of Death.” In doing so, this can support entrepreneurship to fulfil its promise as a generator of youth employment and innovative local solutions to local problems.

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