Humble Beginners School is based in the Kangemi neighbourhood and has 137 pupils. The school has been consistently growing in pupil numbers. They needed funds to build a few more classrooms to accommodate their ever-increasing size and upgrade their existing classrooms …

This is the classic tale of many low-fee private schools in Kenya. These schools play a vital role in Kenya, providing quality learning opportunities to millions of children across the country. Over 30% of all children enrolled in school attend a private school.  However, many private schools face financial challenges that hinder their ability to maintain standards and infrastructure. Traditional lenders often impose rigid criteria and lengthy approval processes, making it difficult for private schools to access the necessary funds. As a result, schools struggle to invest in essential upgrades and improvements and maintain consistent cash flow due to the cyclical nature of school fee payments, hindering their ability to provide quality education. Jackfruit Finance is reshaping the landscape by offering innovative financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of these institutions.

Introducing Jackfruit Finance

Jackfruit Finance offers a fresh approach to financing, understanding the specific challenges faced by private schools in Kenya. Our flexible and efficient loan options are designed to accommodate the unique circumstances of educational institutions. Whether it’s renovating classrooms, investing in technology, expanding facilities, or paying teachers, Jackfruit Finance is committed to empowering schools to thrive.

In addition, through its Partner Rewards Program, Jackfruit Finance extends support beyond financial assistance. Partner rewards programs provide schools access to essential resources such as clean water, after-school programs, textbooks, and teacher upskilling initiatives. These programs enhance the overall learning environment and contribute to the holistic development of students and educators.

Collaborations with leading organizations amplify Jackfruit Finance’s impact in the education sector. Among these are as an implementing partner for CATALYZE EduFinance Kenya supported by USAID, Cheza Cheza, Instill, East African Educational Publishers, Global Schools Forum, and Opportunity International. Jackfruit Finance leverages these partnerships to drive meaningful change and innovation in private education.

Resolving Humble Beginners School Dilemma

Jackfruit assessed the school’s situation and ability to manage a loan based on their financial structure. Satisfied that the school could meet the terms of a secured loan facility, Jackfruit Finance extended the necessary financing and Humble Beginners now has two new classrooms and an increased number of students. Beyond that, through its partnerships, Jackfruit Finance provided Humble Beginners with clean, accessible, drinking water, textbooks, and the children enjoy weekly ChezaCheza dance sessions.

Our experience with Jackfruit has been amazing. We needed to expand our school, and with Jackfruit, we were able to do this quickly. We found Jackfruit to be very accessible, and we are grateful for the partnership rewards program.”

– Basilia Mwathani, Founder and Director of Humble Beginners School

Future Vision

Looking ahead, Jackfruit Finance is dedicated to expanding its support for private education in Kenya, “We envision a future where every school has access to the financial resources and essential services needed to thrive. By fostering strong partnerships and embracing innovation, we aim to empower schools to provide quality education and unlock the full potential of students and communities,” its founder says.

Jackfruit Finance is committed to transforming Kenya’s private education sector. Join us in our mission to build a brighter future for the next generation. Learn more about our services and partnerships by visiting our website at or contacting us at for inquiries or loan applications.

Together, let’s make quality education accessible to all.